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I know I'm supposed to be the stronger one.
The one who walks away and leaves things as they are.
But I keep feelin this rope pulling tighter and tighter around my heart.
You know what, it's all because of you.
I put you on a throne.
I believed that I could entrust my heart to you.
You place lies on your tongue as if they were the air you breath.
You don't even know.
Born of wild thorns and severe burns.
You walk as if the world is burning at your feet.
Spewing words of sacred vows and strong views.
You tend to leave everyone else behind.
So the pain I feel is real.
It's a mistake I made.
But it is still all your fault.
You and how fake you really are.
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 1 2
Mature content
Skeletons :iconwater4blood:water4blood 1 0
GRAB BAGS art and writing :iconwater4blood:water4blood 0 0
I'm a constant growing burden on myself
   I sat in the sofa chair, next to the fireplace watching Tori pace back and forth with her fingers on her forehead. The living room was quiet, only the sound of the crackling fire and the ticking clock on the wall filling the room with song. My knees were hugged closer to my chest, I felt like I was going to lose my lunch as well. Anxiety gripping at my heart as I just watched the deity pace back and forth searching for the right words to say to me. Of course my sudden appearance had caused her to faint - but soon after reaching my mansion everyone had scattered with Tori waking up.
   “Four years.” She breathed as she stopped in front of me. I felt like a child who had snuck out for a party coming back for my parents to scold me. Her hand left her face, “I would ask you to explain yourself but there’s really no point. Shoe what the hell were you thinking - Hamilton was only a young kid when you left! He spent an entire year looking for you
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 0 0
I can sit and wait,
Wishing for a lot of things.
That will never come to me.
Yet the pain will still remain,
The pain that is real.
Something might never go away.
I could try and convince myself otherwise,
Chase away this loneliness.
Despite being surrounded.
I am my own worst enemy,
And it feels like I’m winning.
To the worse half of myself.
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 5 2
   I woke up in a dimly lit room, dazed and confused as to what was going on. The damp smell of rot hit my nose making me wrinkle it for a moment as I rolled with a soft groan. It hit me - I’d been out looking for Shoe finding a strange man trying to kidnap her. Out of panic I approached and he knocked me out, so now my first instinct was trying to make sense of where Shoe was. Jolting awake however I was met with a pain at my side. Touching the tender skin there was no blood but from the feeling it felt as if it had been bruised pretty badly. Low tolerance of pain didn’t make this any easier, as my head was throbbing from the pain of getting knocked out.
   I started to look around after I was more aware of my condition - nothing seemed to be broken or hurt other than the bruise and my head. Catching sight of Shoe’s limp body though was another story. I quickly crawled over - cursing under my breath as I placed my hand near her nose and mouth to c
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 1 0
no name
i want to tell you how much I care.
you’re right in front of me now and I can’t even manage that.
i want you to feel comfortable and to tell me everything.
but I’m scared of fucking everything up again.
i’m scared of being wrong, even if I’m not.
and i’m scared of losing you.
i can live,
but i don’t if it doesn’t involve you.
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 2 0
She is a hot spot.
Full of hot love.
She is a crown of gold.
Ready to blow.
Even in the evening sun.
Even in the pouring rain.
She is blue eyed, proud eyed.
Ready to learn.
She is, the princess.
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 2 1
The things that I like are useless to me.
The things that make me happy are pointless.
Society deemed them as such.
So everyone ignore it otherwise.
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 1 3
   There was no clear way to say when this started. He lay just beneath the window in the front room. Next to the front door that sat wide open. He listened to the sound of the wind in the desert, howling a song so fierce it made his chest want to cave. The teenage boy then crawled on his knees, pushing himself up to look out the window. He could see them - whatever they were in the distance. Across the dirt road and in the desert, but only as far as he could see with the wind kicking up so much dust.
   The wind was howling against the house. Making it creak and groan as the teenage boy stood up and wandered over to the front door. The figure’s in the distance would get to him if he didn’t close that door - but he was afraid. So very afraid that it wasn’t possible. As his hands gripped the handle he breathed heavily. His lungs burning as he watched the wind pick up dust - his nose twitching from the scent of the dry earth.
   He pushed t
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 0 0
Close your eyes.
Let it sink in.
Darkness all around you.
Until you slip outside.
World of colors.
World of grey.
Anything can happen.
Anything and pain.
Surreal as can be.
Wanting nothing more.
Than your eyes.
To be open again.
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 0 0
It had been a week since Quelt left Shoe in my care. At first I thought it was going to be hard - but it wasn’t much different from babysitting… Babysitting someone who could drink. Today Shoe had bugged me to go to the nearby bar in town. Since as small as the town was word travelled fast and the villagers were mostly already warming up to her. Perhaps it was only me who could tell how she was a little worse for wear. Skinny from lack of eating, her eyes sunken in from lack of sleep or nightmares that ensured most nights she could find a grip on herself.
   I usually took a drink or two at this bar, but today I was sitting back watching Shoe interact with the villagers. They were amazed by the human hybrid - her stories filling them with life. Talking about her kids back at home. I sighed for a moment and placed my hand over my cheek to lean it on the table. There was something about this that didn’t really help my mood. Leaving me poking at the wood chippi
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 2 1
You, We, They
You’re screaming.
You don’t want anyone to hear.
You know they will though.
We live in an age of trying to fix the broken.
We live where those who don’t want to be fixed are.
We never asked for any help.
They don’t understand a thing.
They say they do but it’s so they aren’t guilty.
They’ll move on, and that’s the scariest part.
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 3 1
Dark Sea
It’s the dark sea pulling you just below the surface.
Black tarred water weighing at your limbs.
No matter how much you scramble for the surface.
The air is only enough to keep you painfully alive.
Under the surface are your demons.
Scratching and tearing at your walls.
Those walls you perfectly built.
Torn down in a single moment.
Now you’re struggling and it never ends.
There’s no light at the end of the tunnel,
No knight in shining armor.
Just the cold sea with you at its mercy.
Maybe one day you’ll make it out alive.
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 7 9
Here we go #9
   His eyes opened a little dazed and confused. For a moment he could have sworn that his ears were ringing as well. The ringing made it difficult to hear as he rolled onto his side and groaned mildly. Hewie’s entire side felt like it was on fire, he didn’t know why or where it came from but it was. As his tail curled between his legs he finally noticed that when his hand touched his side it was laced with blood. The dark red liquid soaking his shirt as he carefully and painfully pulled it off in order to see what had happened. A large gash had made itself known as he looked up he noticed it must have been when he fell from the tree running from a wild Tokota. He’d been out looking for Chubbs and ran into some bad luck. Now though, he was bleeding and had been knocked out for an unknown amount of time.
   Hewie knew that he was in a state of emergency. Sure the forest was quiet and the weather didn’t cause any harm, but when he looked at the
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 0 0
:iconwater4blood:water4blood 2 0


The Write Questions: 03.05.17
Hello :iconTheWritePlace:! Scribe again, this time with the weekly questions. :3
1. What's the longest you've ever slept at one time? Was it intentional?
2. If your life could be more like genre of literature (horror/romance/comedy/etc), which one would you choose?
3. Do you have any other writers in your family?
4. In your opinion, what makes an average day a good one?
5. Are you good at keeping track of your stuff, or do you lose your belongings often? (like me :P)
Enjoy! :happybounce:
:iconthewriteplace:TheWritePlace 2 57
Theme of the Week: Buried
Many things lie beneath the ground. People who once lived, artifacts of past days, secrets that may have been put there by somebody who wanted them to stay there forever. Do tombstones hold more than bodies? Could a gardener discover a dinosaur bone while simply digging a small hole? Look underground and see what you discover. :)
:iconunseen-writers:Unseen-Writers 5 4
The Write Inspiration: 02.28.2017: Wilted Blossom
For the week of February 28th, 2017
Hello hello, :iconTheWritePlace:! Starting things off with last week's submissions for the prompt of "love and betrayal".

If I missed a submission, please let me know and it will be added. :nod:
THIS WEEK'S PROMPT (by azuline-furcula):
Nature dies, like all living things. Take the image of a dying blossom, of nature's expiration, and let it inspire you. Is the wilting of a flower always natural? Do external factors lead to the death of beauty? Can parasites, the environments, or mankind's ways cause beauty to wilt? Let your eyes create a scene, and let your writing do the rest. :heart:
Prompts go here:
Please include what prompt you're writing for. It'll still be added to the respective journal if written after the prompt week. And if you have a prompt suggestion, just send a note! c:
:iconthewriteplace:TheWritePlace 1 1
Weekly Prompt #7: Burning
A person's passion, the ashes of a loved one, a home the fire department races to save. Fire burns brightly and takes many things with it. When you think of something that burns, what do you think of? See the flames, imagine the heat, recall the smell, and let your writing passion burn. :heart:
A "poetry prompts" folder exists for you all to submit your entries/look at the entries submitted by others. If you want to write for a prompt that has already passed, you are free to do so; please just mention what prompt/theme you are writing for. And if you have any more questions, please ask. :D
:iconpoetic-poetry:Poetic-Poetry 1 0
WTB HP | Offering Genos
Alright, gonna re-purpose this journal to get some HP for my barb baby. The original info and who claimed genos for HP to Nix will stay in the bottom half of this journal.
Otherwise HP will now be done of the following bab!

Tank's Activity Forms
All new HP will be done of this lovely lady. Explorations are highly preferred for activities. 
Cockatrice 16843 x Syzygy 14972
6) Male, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying brown with accents
Cockatrice 16843 x 
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Nix 24340 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 50 3
The Write Questions: 02.19.2017
Hello :iconTheWritePlace:! Scribe has internet after going to a relative's place and losing wi-fi. I just can't be on time with these things, huh? But the show must go on all the same~
1. Do you sing/hum/whistle/anything else when writing? Anything in particular if so?
2. Have you participated in NaHaiWriMo? (National Haiku Writing Month :) )
3. Do you ever write in your dreams? Have you had any particularly bizarre writing dreams if so?
4. Do you ever completely forget about a piece you wrote until somebody else mentions it?
5. Do you travel a lot? Have you ever written about your travels?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
:iconthewriteplace:TheWritePlace 1 24
1 ( open ) :iconpeechesncreme:peechesncreme 7 8
The Write Questions: 02.05.2017
Hello :iconTheWritePlace:. Scribe here, owing you all an explanation for the delay of the questions. I'm afraid I've had a lot on my plate lately, with three writing groups I'm helping, college work, writing my own stories and doing art trades, I've felt overwhelmed by everything I have to do. I just kinda shut down over the weekend as a result, which is why the questions are coming now. I've been consistently late with them, which really bothers me. I want to put a stop to that, because I want to do as much for this group as I can. I may have a lot going on, but I'll do my best to balance what I have and be more punctual for you all.
With that said, here are the questions~
1. Do you ever write stories with morals/messages? Do you enjoy stories that make a point to teach something of moral value to the readers?
2. Are your characters based off real people, do they come from your imagination, or a mix?
3. What is your favorite part of the writing process? Brainstorming ideas? Writing th
:iconthewriteplace:TheWritePlace 1 27
I move slow and steady :iconmaitrii:Maitrii 10 0
Aetla WF70

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:iconbrynakha:Brynakha 1 2
haikuwrimoomirwukiah 2017 - complete
hi, my name is chris,
and i am an elihphile.
wow! i just said that!
i'd run from my dad,
but never from my father:
since i was a tot
i've suffered ailihphilia;
i loved my mom lots.
she knocks -tattarrattat-
and sees no one's home.
"i am afraid, dear,
that i feel evitative,"
she said timidly.
"tut-tut," said bob.
"you shouldn't be a revver,
you'll break your racecar."
is a kayak best
when boating with a kazak?
perhaps a kelek?
i, with words, make real
that which is merely abstract;
i, reifier.
it is not our clay,
but our seities that matter;
focus, then, inward.
i fled from my thoughts,
but i'm denned within my mind,
trapped in my captors.
pass that pipe, my friend.
i don't smell kinnikinnik...
in  the best of ways.
i'll repaper my notebook...
it'll need a facelift.
:iconhaijinik:haijinik 7 7
lowering the bar (form)
this form;
its norms.
:iconhaijinik:haijinik 2 0
February Form Fiesta 2017 in #ProjectDFC!
Welcome back!
Hi everyone :). Welcome back to another February Form Fiesta! Talk about a crazy start to 2017 amirite? Political unrest, insane weather and emotions soaring high as we endeavour to find some common or stable ground. While this is not going to be a political post, because we have plenty of political posts online, I just want to turn your collective attentions to a new show on Netflix called One Day At A Time. It's a revamp of the old classic, except with a Cuban-American family. It is fricken brilliant and I hope these gifs inspire you to binge on it. I have watched the season three times already and still can't get enough. I NEED MORE!
Anywho, let's get on with the show.
A Brief History of FFF...
As you may be aware, ProjectDFC has been running since 2009, with February Form Fiesta our first official ProjectDFC contest. It features five different forms for your writing pleasure, meant to inspire and challenge you. You can choose t
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 9 23
That uneasy feeling crawling in the back of your spine.
That uneasy question that always pops up in your head.
“Do I really want to share something so personal?”
“Am I ready to share something so personal for the world to see?”
These questions aggravate me to no end.
“What’s wrong with speaking out from my mind?” I reply.
But, I do not know if my writing is truly: Poetry” or I am just writing sentences that describes my mood.
:iconcityandthenightlight:cityandthenightlight 1 0



I know I'm supposed to be the stronger one.
The one who walks away and leaves things as they are.
But I keep feelin this rope pulling tighter and tighter around my heart.
You know what, it's all because of you.

I put you on a throne.
I believed that I could entrust my heart to you.
You place lies on your tongue as if they were the air you breath.
You don't even know.

Born of wild thorns and severe burns.
You walk as if the world is burning at your feet.
Spewing words of sacred vows and strong views.
You tend to leave everyone else behind.

So the pain I feel is real.
It's a mistake I made.
But it is still all your fault.
You and how fake you really are.
Been a while since I've been able to write poetry I actually liked... though the ending is a bit rough.
Writing Commissions

Keeping my writing commissions open considering I also finished up a few recently! This is copy paste info from my website but it has my examples and prices! Also if you cannot afford do not worry, every reblog counts!

Your story, for the right price

Abby Lawless has been offering writing commissions since 2014, with many satisfied customers even those who return. Her goal is to create a story with the story line that you want with the characters you want that is within your budget. She offers anywhere from erotica, furry, to human writing. Got a fetish that needs to be written, dont be afraid to ask. Want Safe the world writing that is deep and meaningful she offers that as well! Returning customers are always welcome as are long time projects.

Examples of commissions


(Slight nsfw - just some nudity)

(NSFW - blood/torture)…



Water4blood prices are as simple as follows
For every 750 words written you pay $5For every $100 worth bought you get a free 3k story
Dont worry about words going over you will only be charged if another 750 words is added on. Hence 800 words would still be $5. Commissions are private if the commissioner wishes and are written on google docs. For longer projects it can take up to four months to complete a commission depending on length and the authors time. If you are interested in commissioning for a piece of work please contact via email
I just got told it's totally okay to be a pedophile and that a five year old can give consent.... wtf.

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

or, enter your birth date.*



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My head was aching, feeling like the walls of my skull were crushing down on it. When I opened my eyes though - I could see the slender but well muscled figure next to me sitting in a chair. His scent filled my nose instantly, and even if I could mildly taste blood as well I could tell it was Matthias. Carefully, I forced my body to sit upwards propped on my elbows for a minute. It seemed after I had fallen asleep due to fever Tori had dragged me to bed. The sheets soft and newly clean from how they smelled. I looked over to Matthias able to sit up fully despite the splitting pain in my head.
“You should rest a bit more you look like the dead.” Matthias commented, but I didn’t allowed him to push me to the bed again.
“I’ve looked like that since I came back - it won’t change so soon.” I waved my hand. “My souls what’s cracked.” I coughed for a moment, wheezing as Matthias furrowed his brows. Looking heavily concerned as I looked at him.
“Karrina is home this morning if you want to talk to her.” I shot up out of bed without even thinking. Opening my door without Matthias being able to stop me, instantly just letting instinct drive me. Down the hall and opening the door to the bathroom where her scent was. My eyes strained as Karrina turned around suddenly - a toothbrush in her mouth. Though, she opened her mouth wide as the toothbrush fell out.
“MOTHER?!” her surprise turned to anger and that anger turned into pushing me into the wall. Painfully as I felt myself sink into the foundation a bit - leaving an indent as I fell against the floor. I brought my hands up to my chest - gasping for breath as I lowered my head painfully. Letting out a groan as Karrina crouched near me. “Oh god I’m sorry I just - I thought that would be more enjoyable.” Well that was reasonable.
I looked up, still trying to get oxygen in me as I felt my temperature rising. Matthias stepped out into the hallway and rushed over. “Miss president what did you do!” Matthias placed a hand on my shoulder.
“Well if it isn’t obvious I pushed my absent mother into the wall because I was pissed.” Karrina spat. I smiled and laughed for a moment, it was good to see she still had the same attitude. I wheezed as Matthias seemed to speak for me.
“Call Tori right now.” Matthias ordered Karrina and the woman started to grab her phone. I could see Sonnie appear next to me but something was eerily wrong. My eyes widened, he was defensive growling with his hackles raised at Karrina. However the black mist was darker than usual and I felt my heart tugging on itself I couldn’t look away from him at my side. My ears were screeching with static now as I noticed Sonnie’s face starting to decay.
I couldn’t help but to let my jaw drop - I didn’t have the energy to scream. Just a breathless puff of air escaping my lungs as I watched his skin slowly start to drip off onto the floor. Like melting in acid- his muscles and the like liquefied and the beast let out a gurgled scream that only I could hear. Now just bone pieces Sonnie flopped over to his side and started to convulse. His limbs sprawling in front of him as his head sizzled from the previous scene that just unfolded. I felt nauseous, heated as I stood up dizzily. Feeling dissociated as Matthias and Karrina seemed to be trying to talk some sense but I couldn’t hear them.
I stumbled forward and fell directly on my face next to the creature. I started to cry, my heart felt like it was being torn apart. As I touched his pelt his mane burned like fire making me recoil as I tried not to let the tears fall but they coated my face. Getting in my mouth and my nose leaking as I sobbed. What felt like forever lasted only a few moments those as I felt a needle in my arm. Before Sonnie suddenly vanished and everything seemed to just instantly focus. I was out of breath staring down the lit hallway heaving my chest as I could not feel everything again. My body ached and I turned to see Tori there. Karrina and Matthias looking disturbed as I tried to speak but nothing came out.
“In bed. NOW!” Tori snapped at me mostly looking to Matthias though. “Carry her there and make sure she stays there - Karrina you can talk to her when you’ve calmed down and you can have a heart to heart talk. Take Hamilton with you as well but only when Matthias says she’s woken up.” She stood up and walked away before my senses were sucked out from under me again and I blacked out.
A short with shoe - there's a filter on it just incase people find... "melting faces" disturbing.
GRAB BAGS art and writing
I'm trying to earn $200 for something and so I'm doing a special grab bag sale for both my art and writing. The way it works is if you pay say $10 you get whatever is in the $10 tier AS WELL as the one below~! So you'd get 4 sketches and a flat picture ect ect. Note these could take a bit but don't worry all contact will be made so you will have full knowing where your commission status is at. 

-All payment is to be sent through paypal, if not within 42 hours is payment sent then you will be removed from the list
-NSFW is Available!

- 2 colored sketches with simple background if wanted
- 2 colored sketch with simple background if wanted
- 1 flat picture with simple background
- 2 colored sketches with semi shading and background if wanted
- 1 flat with simple background
- 1 fully colored simple shading with background
- 2 colored sketches background shading ect.
- 1 flat with background
- 2 fully colored shaded with background
- Special donater only stream that will be held after goal is reached!


Writing examples - note for my most recent.
x = somewhat
xx = greater feared 
xxx = terrified of

[xx] Achluophobia - Fear of darkness. 
[XXX] Acrophobia - Fear of heights.
[xx] Agliophobia - Fear of pain.
[x] Agoraphobia - Fear of open spaces or crowds. 
[] Aichmophobia - Fear of needles or pointed objects 
[x] Amaxophobia - Fear of riding in a car.
[xx] Androphobia - Fear of men. 
[] Anginophobia - Fear of angina or choking.
[] Anthropophobia - Fear of people or society 
[x] Aphenphosmphobia - Fear of being touched 
[] Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders
[] Arithmophobia - Fear of numbers
[] Astraphobia - Fear of thunder and lightning.
[x] Ataxophobia - Fear of disorder or untidiness 
[] Atelophobia - Fear of imperfection.
[xxx] Atychiphobia - Fear of failure. 
[] Aulophobia - Fear of flutes 
[] Autophobia - Fear of being alone.

[] Bacteriophobia - Fear of bacteria.
[] Barophobia - Fear of gravity.
[XX] Bathmophobia - Fear of stairs or steep.
[] Batrachophobia - Fear of amphibians.
[] Bibliophobia - Fear of books (0-o')
[] Botanophobia - Fear of plants.

[] Cacophobia - Fear of ugliness.
[x] Catoptrophobia - Fear of mirrors.
[] Chionophobia - Fear of snow.
[] Chromophobia - Fear of colors.
[] Chronomentrophobia - Fear of clocks.
[] Claustrophobia - Fear of confined spaces.
[xx] Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns.
[] Cyberphobia - Fear of computers.
[] Cynophobia - Fear of dogs. 

[] Dendrophobia - Fear of trees.
[] Dentophobia - Fear of dentists
[] Domatophobia - Fear of houses.
[xxx] dychiphobia - fear of accidents. 

[] Ecophobia - Fear of the home.
[] Elurophobia - Fear of cats
[] Ephebiphobia - Fear of teenagers. 
[] Equinophobia - Fear of horses.

[] Gophobia - Fear of marriage.
[] Genuphobia - Fear of knees.
[] Globophobia - Fear of balloons.
[x] Glossophobia - Fear of speaking in public.
[] Gynophobia - Fear of women

[] Heliophobia - Fear of the sun.
[] Hemophobia - Fear of blood. 
[] Herpetophobia - Fear of reptiles.
[x] Hydrophobia - Fear of water.

[] Itrophobia - Fear of doctors 
[] Insectophobia - Fear of insects 
[] Ichithyophobia - Fear of fish 

[] Koinoniphobia - Fear of rooms.

[] Lekophobia - Fear of the color white.
[] Lilapsophobia - Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes 
[] Lockiophobia - Fear of childbirth


[] Mageirocophobia - Fear of cooking.
[] Melanophobia - Fear of the color black.
[] Microphobia - Fear of small things. 
[] Mysophobia - Fear of dirt and germs.

[] Necrophobia - Fear of death or dead things.
[] Noctiphobia - Fear of the night.
[xx] Nosocomephobia - Fear of hospitals.

[] Obesophobia - Fear of gaining weight
[] Octophobia - Fear of the figure 8.
[] Ombrophobia - Fear of rain.
[] Ophidiophobia - Fear of snakes.
[] Ornithophobia - Fear of birds.

[] Papyrophobia - Fear of paper.
[x] Pathophobia - Fear of disease.
[] Pedophobia - Fear of children.
[] Philophobia - Fear of love. 
[] Phobophobia - Fear of being afraid.
[] Podophobia - Fear of feet.
[] Porphyrophobia - Fear of the color purple.
[] Pteridophobia - Fear of ferns.
[] Pteromerhanophobia - Fear of flying.
[] Pyrophobia - Fear of fire

[] Scolionophobia - Fear of school. 
[] Selenophobia - Fear of the moon.
[] Sociophobia - Fear of social evaluation.
[xx] Somniphobia - Fear of sleep.

[] Tachophobia - Fear of speed.
[] Technophobia - Fear of technology.
[] Tonitrophobia - Fear of thunder.
[] Trypanophobia - Fear of injections.

[] Venustraphobia - Fear of beautiful women.
[] Verminophobia - Fear of germs.
[] Wiccaphobia - Fear of witches and witchcraft.
[x] Xenophobia - Fear of strangers.
[] Zoophobia - Fear of animals.



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